Fatmata K. Kamara

My name is Fatmata K. Kamara. A few years back I was a vegetable seller but the income was not sufficient to live a better life. One day I saw some of my neighbour ladies having a green-yellow book in their hands. When I inquired, they informed me about ASA Sierra Leone and its loan facilities. Considering my need, I immediately joined their group under ASA Lumley Branch and availed the 1st loan on 18-12-2017 amounting to LSS 1,000,000. Now the scope of my business has grown and I have a good business set up nearby my house. More recently I received a loan on 05-11-2019 amounting to LSS 2,500,000. With ASA Sierra Leone loans my earnings have improved. Although, I could not complete my studies, my son has started college now as I can now afford to pay for his studies. Thank You ASA Sierra Leone.

Esther Sesay

My name is Esther Sesay. I was very poor and in challenging conditions due to poverty. One day I learned from my neighbour about a loan facility and instantly applied for a loan from ASA Sierra Leone. My 1st cycle loan was approved amounting to LSS 1,000,000 on 28-07-2017 from Congo Town Branch, out of which I started buying artificial hair for selling and opened a saloon where I also fix up people’s hair. My initial income was LSS 300,000 per month. I have now availed a loan of LSS 4,000,000 which improved my business and I employed two hair dressers in my saloon, and are earning LSS 8000,00 per month from my saloon. I have opened another saloon in the centre of Freetown in which I am getting more customers and more income that have improved my living standard. Thank you for making my life better than before.